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The Dreaded Online Application

The Dreaded Online Application These days online job applications are just as common as cell phones, and they are becoming even more widespread as HR departments move farther and farther away from paper-based processing. Any day now, I’m expecting to see a company accepting applications by text message. When it comes to online applications, here are six things to...

Being Different Makes all the Difference

Being Different Makes all the Difference Last night I spoke to an in-transition group in NJ about the ways to set yourself apart from the competition. In any job market, being different is the name of the game… How can you stand out from the crowd? It’s not impossible, but it does take both effort and courage to step...

Why “The Unemployed Need Not Apply” Need Not Apply to You

Why “The Unemployed Need Not Apply” Need Not Apply to You Anyone who is currently searching for a job has probably read at least one article about a company who is unwilling to hire “the unemployed.” Even more interesting is the article that I recently came across about the backlash from critics against job boards like Monster saying that...

Are you Unemployed or Unemployable?

Are you Unemployed or Unemployable? At a quick glance, you might mistake one word for the other – but I’m sure you’ll agree that while being “unemployed”, you never want to be perceived as “unemployable”. Yet, I’ve read a growing number of articles that attach the stigma of being “unemployable” to the currently “unemployed”. Dictionary.com defines an “Unemployed” person...

Interviewing Boo-Boos

Interviewing Boo-Boos In my career, I have had the pleasure of interviewing many people at different levels for all kinds of positions. Even those who climb to the highest rungs on the corporate ladder still need to be sure they are aware of the interviewing pitfalls and then avoid them at all costs. Here are three interviewing boo-boos that...

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