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50th Birthday

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Diane from Northern California
Happy Birthday, Abby. I volunteered with a Job Networking Ministry when I saw you speak twice and was most inspired by your knowledge, generosity of spirit, honesty, and your sincere desire to help others. I continue to recommend you to those looking for a job or looking for a better job. It's hard to decide which pieces of advice have been most useful, but I would put that little book, "Top 12 Interview Questions Exposed" right there the top of the list.
Thomas Egan from Verona NJ
Happy 50th Birthday Abby! I have referred to your book many times for advice in my job search! Enjoy your birthday
Martha M from San Francisco CA
Happy Birthday Abby! Hope you celebrate in a special way. I have known you through your Career Wake Up Calls for about 6 years. I had the pleasure of meeting you when you spoke at the Marin Pros Group in San Rafael in Marin County in 2015. Thank you for your dedication and all the job search advice. I learn something new every time!
Lisa K from Pasadena TX
Happy Birthday Abby! Thank You so much for sharing your gift with others and helping us to be positive, hopeful, courageous, and to live out our dreams. You have helped me to be determined in my career goals. I met you at Women at Work in Pasadena at a job club workshop. Enjoy and Many Blessings!!!!!
Don Nguyen -- US Air Force Lt. Colonel Retired. from Huntington Beach CA
Happy Birthday Abby! Thank you for what you do for our job seekers across America and helping everyone's career. Best wishes and an amazing 2017!
Kelli McRay from Dallas TX
Happy Birthday Abby! Thank you for all you do for us that are out there in the job search. I was fortunate to take one of your classes about two months after I was let go. Your story, experiences of a recruiter, helping others and helping us were very heartfelt and appreciated. It's people like you that give of their time and talents to help others that makes this journey hopeful. You name is constantly brought up at networking events. Thank you for all you do and hope to see you back in the DFW area soon. Happy Birthday and wishing you many more.
Judi from San Diego CA
Best Wishes for a fabulous birthday! May this be the year you reach 1 million job seekers!
Julie from Broken Arrow OK
An OH! birthday! Congratulations! The fact that you are a fresh resource was comforting when I was actively looking and I've encouraged others to follow along. Enjoy the awesome milestone!
Marc from Los Angeles CA
I really enjoyed your Presentation for FENG. It was Absolutely on Point. Happy B-Day and Welcome to the half-point!
Greg Gardner from Santa Maria CA
Abby has been incredibly gracious in answering questions for both our students and myself. She is always positive and upbeat, and most of all sincere in her desire to help people understand how to make a job search pay dividends. Happy Birthday Abby! I hope it's one of your best years ever.
Andy Franco from Prosper TX
Happy Birthday Abby. Thanks for all you do and your unique way of contributing.
Abby is Absolutely Amazing. She provides no nonsense, practical "right now" advice to the masses. She is willing to help anyone who wants to be helped. Happy, Happy Day on your milestone Birthday! Continued Success.
Angel from Miami FL
Wish you the best! Many mile stones to go and many people to help! How does it feels at 50?
Robert Withers from Sunnyvale CA
Abby, have a wonderful birthday! And thanks for speaking at ProMatch several times over the past years. You have motivated, inspired, and provided new ideas to the job seekers in ProMatch. You have also done the same for us staff. We look forward to you coming back again in the near future.
Duane F from North TX
Happy Birthday Abby! You are the coolest!
Cindy Beth Hamilton from Houston TX
To loving and lovable Absolutely Abby -- thank you seems trite to adequately cover the gift of your sweet tips, compassion, and wit. Anyone who has ever spoken to you has been enriched by your influence. When we could bitter, you made us better. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care! You sincerely care and we all know that. Happy Blessed 50th to one of God's Angels sent to do his good work. 🎉🌷💚
Ken D. from Cranford NJ
You Rock! I will see you in 4 more years!
Maria from Verona NJ
No matter where I am in the search process, you have always given me hope with your inspirational guidance and positivity. You are a tower of strength! Happy Birthday Abby!! May you continue to illuminate the road to success for yourself and others.
Amitai Touval from New York NY
Abby spoke at a career forum that I organized at Metropolitan College of New York. She gave great advice!
Craig Foster from Austin TX
Abby came and spoke to the job club I lead, Job Seekers Network, and really motivated and trained the job seekers on some of the most relevant topics to help them move forward in a big way. She got great reviews from everyone who heard her. She stayed afterwards to help too. God bless Abby and Happy Birthday!
Julie Denise from Atlanta GA
Abby has been an acclaimed speaker at two transition groups that I help sponsor in Atlanta: FENG and BENG. Her words of wisdom are always helpful to the group. Happy Birthday Abby. I look forward to seeing you again next time you are in town.
G. McD. from WDC
Happy 50th Birthday, Abby!! I first heard you at a 40 Plus presentation in Washington, DC. As always and since, you have been truthful and "awesome," espousing the phrase that you are "perfectly qualified," to an audience of seasoned work veterans. You have an amazing way of putting your audience at ease, and reassuring them that they are enough. Happy 50th, and wishing you the "Very Best," for the next 50 years, and beyond.
Sandy from Lakewood CA
I've been listening to Abby through various layoffs since 2011. I've always appreciated her kind attention, wisdom and realize there is no one else like her, helping and guiding us. Happy Birthday! Know that you have made a difference.
Mike from Pittsburgh PA
I had the opportunity to meet you and enjoy your presentation. Thank you for all the help you have brought to others across the country.
Mohan V
Wishing that you have a wonderful heart felt birthday. May God bless you in all you do helping many to get employed. Thank you.
Jody from New York NY
Happy Birthday, Abby! Wishing you all the best!
Sheree from Suffern NY
Thanks for all the support, encouragement, and guidance you provide to those of us in transition! Have a Happy Birthday, and look forward to seeing you speak at future meetings.
Ted Eldracher from Chatham NJ
Have an absolutely awesome birthday Abby! Thank you for the support and encouragement you have provided me during my transitions. So happy just to say I know you!
Mary Anne Usher from Bridgewater NJ
Thank you Abby for Turbo Charging the PSGCNJ organization. Your Captain Sully story has inspired many job seekers to overcome being overqualified. You are Absolutely Qualified!
Matt O from Chicago IL
Happy Birthday Abby! You came twice to our networking group to rave reviews and told wonderful stories that energized all of us!
Kyle Vlasak from Chicago IL
I was inspired to change the way I think after hearing Abby speak at a local ENG networking event. Best wishes as you also help others to achieve their goals!
Happy Birthday Abby! Thank you for speaking to our company and introducing us to the importance of media in our job search.
Sally Binnix from Dallas/Fort Worth TX
Thank you Abby for all you do for us in transition. You are a true blessing and inspiration. Keep up the encouraging words.
Glenn Cantor from Howell NJ
I heard Abby speak in Middletown NJ early on a rainy, Saturday morning. Her topic was overcoming the "overqualified" statement. Subsequently, I purchased Abby's LinkedIn assistance offer. Abby gave me the encouragement and optimism that I need to plow forward in my career transition. Her advice is relevant to my situation, and her enthusiasm is infectous. Happy Birthday.
Charlie from RUMC Job Networking from Roswell GA
Thank you for speaking at our job networking meeting, please have a great fiftieth birthday. Hope your mission continues with great success!
Joyce B Menegus~Media/Design Consultants from Hackensack NJ
Happy Birthday Abby! Wow~50~That's The New 30~ May it be the Best Year for You! I have enjoyed coming to your meetings. Seeing how you lift people's lives, center their focus and career awareness brings much joy to me. As a supplier of multiple business services, I realize what an important part of business growth you are~no matter how large or small, new, or an established venture. Keep up your good work!!! Wishing you,your family, friends, staff and clients a Healthy, Happy and Super Successful 2017!
Ellen Bassett from Chicago IL
Abby, have the best 50th Birthday Celebration ever! Please know how special you are in inspiring, motivating and encouraging all of us to pursue new career opportunities and keep a positive outlook during our lives. Your very personal and "spot on" ideas have helped so many of us! We can only say "Thank you" and wish you the very best as you take on new challenges in the future! Bravo to you!
Anna Thompson from Atlanta GA
Happy Birthday. Thank you for sharing your tremendous expertise to inform, and encourage all of us. Your sharing has benefited many individually; and your efforts have benefited the workforce as well as our economy. May it be returned to you exponentially!
Cynthia E. from Boston MA
Happy Birthday Abby🎈🎂🎉❗️ Thank you for your many years of service. May all your dreams be realized. Many Blessing. Happy 50th.
Bonnie from West Lafayette IN
Thank you Abby for giving me insight on how students can use LinkedIn to get full time jobs. Your HR insight on how companies use LinkedIn to fill positions has helped several of our graduates get full time jobs!
Terry from Nauvoo IL
Your job is only half done. Keep up the good work. We need people like you.
Cindy - CafeNet Founder from Southern California
Happy Birthday Abby. Thanks for your continued support in guiding our CafeNet members with your very special expertise through these past four years. Much appreciation.
Jen P from Philadelphia PA
Happy Birthday! I heard you speak at MCT and was so inspired by you and your courage and passion! Thank you so much! Have a great birthday!
Andra Taylor from Clinton NJ
Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights so generously.
Diane from Homewood
Happy Birthday Abby!!! You do not look 50 years old, so rock it baby! I attended your Prairie State College seminar. Thank you for all the information. I am more confident about finding that perfect job. Have a wonderful birthday!
Kathy Snead from Philadelphia PA
Happy Birthday, Abby! I took your advice. When I got a temp position, I made them love me so much that the people I temped for helped me get a different permanent position at the company when the temp position ended. I've now made a successful transition from the legal field to healthcare. I couldn't be happier. I also followed your advice and wasn't afraid to change fields. Thank you for all that you do for all of us. I volunteer at My Career Transitions in Malvern PA, where you've been one of our speakers. I am constantly talking about you and referring people to your website.
Nancy from Washington Crossing
Happy Birthday Abby! Thank you for all of the hope and wisdom you provided at the church job support group. You have been an inspiration to me and others and have helped many along your path. Thank you, and God bless you!
MSR from Atlanta GA
Happy Birthday Abby -- you helped me with upgrading my resume writing skills and job search skills. Thank you very much.
Anne from Rochester NY
You are the model for "follow your dream." I admire you. Happy Birthday Abby!
Carolyn K from New Jersey
Happy Birthday Abby! Your LinkedIn profile review and advice were so helpful -- they really increased my profile views and helped me start some great conversations with people. Thank you for all that you do to help job seekers!
Frank Kovacs The Breakfast Club NJ from East Brunswick NJ
Abby, thanks for all you do to help those in transition. I wish you all the best and honestly would have never thought you were 50! Think of all the lives you have touched and people you have helped and you can see the purpose that your efforts have achieved.
Steve Wayman from Landing NJ
Thanks for the encouragement and LinkedIn Profile advice.
Rachael from West Orange NJ
Happy Birthday. Welcome to the AARP club. Thanks for all you do. I have seen you a number of times over the years when you are back in your home state and have gotten a lot out of your Cateer Wake Up Calls. Keep up the good work!!!!
John Fugazzie from Nanuet NY
Abby has been a great friend and help both to my personal career and to the expansion of Neighbors-helping-Neighbors USA which will be 6 years old shortly after Abby turns 50.
Rita Callens from Dallas TX
Abby - thank you for giving me new hope after my fourth lay off of my career! Your workshops, and especially the interview tips book and LinkedIn review added to my skills and my confidence. I tell people about you all the time!!! Best wishes for a fabulous 50!!!
Anthony MacArthur from Folsom CA
Abby's smile and personal story helped to inspire me towards settings goals and embracing my opportunities to share my gifts with others. Abby has helped so many and I remember how she coached and built a person up after seeing that person's artwork. Abby you're wonderful and I'm glad we met. Happy Birthday dear Abby!
Scott from Long Island NY
Abby - A healthy and happy birthday to you! May you have many more of them. You joined the club! I reached the milestone a couple of months ago. I definitely don't feel it and bet you don't either. I want to take the opportunity to thank you for everything you do. You provide a great service and I hope you successfully continue and this is not a sign of retirement! All the best!
Jonathan from Cheshire CT
Abby - I met you while working as a volunteer with United Way. Your advice helped me to adjust my outlook as I searched for a career position. Your advice has given me a "birthday gift" every day as I celebrate that career. Happy Birthday, and thank you.
Mike from Tampa
Heard Abby speak at FENG meetings 1,000 miles apart and loved her inspirational ping pong story both times. You've got to go for the gold!
Luther from Princeton
Happy Birthday Abby!🎂🍰 Welcome to the half century club! Have a blessed day!
Jim Lucas from Dallas/Fort Worth
Happy Birthday, Abby!! You have touched lives in so many ways and helped those who needed it when they needed it most. For me, you had given hope to what seemed like a hopeless job market. Be Blessed!!
Chuck Masick from Palm Beach Gardens
Abby, Happy Birthday! I recently heard someone say that sharing is caring. Your sharing reflects your caring. I would say that caring is leading. Your caring reflects your leading. Thank you for providing a leadership example for us on how to lead, care, share, and improve one of the most important areas of our lives. Best wishes and may your talents and accomplishments be recognized and praised by many others.
Yvonne Chotzen from Fair Oaks
Abby has inspired, delighted, jolted and surprised me into the vast possibility of myself. I am grateful to her forever! Happy Birthday Beautiful Abby All Love Yvonne
Janet Braun from Encinitas CA
Happy 50th Birthday Abby. May you have many more happy and healthy years of life. Your upbeat personality and "never give up" mentality is a model for all of us! I implemented your review comments on how to improve my LinkedIn page, which helped me get noticed by recruiters and led to my current job. Thank you so much.
Foster Williams from Southlake TX
Abby has been quite the blessing for most of the job seekers in our DFW network. She is also my Sister in life and ministry. I can't say enough for Abby as a person. She has been the one that I can share many ministry ideas and also has helped me to implement many programs for job seekers. GOD Bless my Sister.
Elizabeth from Rochester NY
I have been through many ups and downs but as far down as I have been, I can always rely on your books, your calls and your presentations to revitalize me and to push forward. Thank you for all you have done, currently do and all you will do in the future. You truly care about people and I know I am only one of so many who appreciate it! May God continue to bless you as you continue your journey.
Craig Dunn from Carlsbad CA
Abby, Thank-you for all that you do! Enjoy your special day!
Marissa Marsala from San Diego CA
Abby just being "Absolutely Abby" inspires me and encourages me to continue to do the work I do! We are cut from the same cloth in many ways, and share the same passion for helping job seekers! So glad to know you and call you my friend and colleague, Abby! Happy 50th!
Mark Mikel from Houston TX
You inspired us. You shared with us. Afterward, you graciously spoke about one of my passions: fighting against something that impacts my friends; fighting against what impacts you. Fight on! Happy birthday, my friend.
Kristi CTO of Absolutely Abby LLC
For never giving up on your vision, daring to be different, and for how well you serve your people... wishing you an amazing 50th birthday!
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