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Here’s what one of our society members had to say about our first call:

“I’m so glad that I joined your first Job Search Success Society phone call on Sunday. It was like having a personalized coaching mini session with my job seeking friends. We have the ability to learn so much from each other.” –Marilyn

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Job Search Success Society members get these benefits:

  • A weekly interactive group call where we’ll dig deep into the job search issues and challenges that you and your peers are facing. These calls will give you a weekly boost of momentum for your job search.
  • A weekly ad on our Society Exchange Board. It’s like a community bulletin board where you can ask for (or offer something) related to your job search. Here, you can ask for (or offer to be) a job search buddy. (some conditions apply)
  • Discounts on new content released while your membership is current.
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When you join the program, you’ll also get these bonuses:

  • An eBook copy of both of my bestselling books:
    • Absolutely Abby’s 101 Job Search Secrets
    • Absolutely Abby’s Top 12 Interview Questions Exposed
  • Your choice of one of my most popular premium teleseminars.
  • A special discount on a one-on-one job search consultation by phone with me.

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